Before the fall, the Etherians ruled from cities made of glass. Their spires reached into the clouds, their roads spanned the kingdom. A race of pure magic, their passion for order, for innovation, for knowledge, was only matched by their hunger for war. Their bitter in-fighting tore the kingdoms apart. Civilizations rose and fell at the whims of god-like creatures.

And five-hundred years ago, the Etherians disappeared.

Now, we come to a world and a people just beginning to take their first steps outside the shadows of their fickle masters. From the Free City of Vas Nuar to the ancient, walled kingdom of Skarhold, the people of the Five Kingdoms must try to make their own way in the world, ever fearful of the return of the Etherians.

But some people? Some people miss the old ways — the order, the power, the dominion…

Tales of Etheria

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